Agency founding: Makemake wants to show that there is another way


The Makemake agency was launched in Chur on January 1st. It currently consists of the two designers Tanja Pichler and Medea Laim. The aim is to build up a collective of young design talents who can offer their customers fresh graphics and photography at “a fair price”.

It is not easy for creative offspring in a peripheral region to find a good and fairly paid job, writes communication designer Tanja Pichler in a press release. That is why, with the support of Fabio Aresu, Managing Director of Markenkern AG, she set up the design agency Makemake – with the aim of giving young resident creatives the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gained during their studies in real practical projects and to be paid fairly .

Pichler is convinced that good design can be scaled at will. “At Makemake, a low budget doesn’t automatically mean run-of-the-mill – the collective wants to show that there is another way,” she says. The name Makemake is an allusion to the dwarf planet Makemake outside of the orbit of Neptune. “Makemake is a small, new planet in Graubünden’s creative orbit and a place to learn and try things out.”

For projects that require more extensive skills, Makemake can draw on the support of established partners in the areas of marketing, branding, communication, web design and digital business engineering.

The young company should stand completely on its own two feet by 2023. (pd / eh)

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