Aid organizations – Stuttgart – Diakonie complains about the lack of criticism of vaccination readiness – Panorama


Aid organizations – Stuttgart:Diakonie complains about the lack of criticism of vaccination readiness

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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) –  The  Diakonie Württemberg laments the criticism of nurses because of their allegedly low willingness to vaccinate. So far there are no reliable figures that nurses are not ready to be vaccinated, said Annette Noller, chairwoman of the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg, on Thursday. Diakonie lacks any understanding for this criticism of the nursing staff.

Caregivers arrive every day with the care of people in need of care and over the limits of their resilience, according to Noller. “©

 The y expose themselves to multiple tests and a high risk of infection, compensate for the absence of sick colleagues, and very often try in vain to get a vaccination.” And yet nurses would now be labeled as unwilling to vaccinate and made responsible for the infection process in the facilities. From the perspective of diakonia, society is unloading so much responsibility. If the status of the nursing profession were to suffer, an even greater shortage of staff would be the result, according to Diakonie. Noller demanded that employees in care for the elderly and the disabled now need concrete support, encouragement and respect for their work.

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Aid organizations Stuttgart Diakonie complains lack criticism vaccination readiness Panorama


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