Alibaba founder Jack Ma: In hiding, not gone


The founder of the trading platform not only made friends with his comments. (Photo: SL Chen /

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From the environment of the Alibaba founder, there are now indications that the ex-manager has by no means disappeared.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has only withdrawn, CNBC writes with reference to a person “who wants to be familiar with the matter”. Reports that the billionaire could not be found had fueled speculation about his whereabouts. Ma had turned her back on Alibaba and Softbank in 2019.

The IPO failed, the founder went underground

Most recently, the Chinese leadership has probably acted on the stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong to suspend the IPO of Alibaba’s Ant Group. The billion dollar IPO had already been traded as the high point of the stock market year. Record-breaking entry-level prices were circulating.

The rejection is believed to have had something to do with statements made by the founder criticizing Chinese regulators. The local cartel office has recently started targeting large corporations in order to examine their market behavior. Ma had accused them of slowing down innovations and not paying enough attention to new developments.

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Jack Ma is said to have withdrawn “until further notice”. It was not known when the manager would go public again and what exactly the reasons for his disappearance were. He last appeared in October. There Ma had expressed his criticism in front of a forum. In November, the regulatory authorities summoned him and two other executives, and things have become very quiet around the 56-year-old since then.

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Alibaba founder Jack hiding


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