Alicia Keys is having a blast on her 40th birthday – despite Corona


Alicia Keys is celebrating her 40th birthday today. And how:  The  pop singer lets it crash with fireworks and a band. ©

 The  birthday child seems to be well aware of the effect these pictures have in the pandemic.

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“Girl on Fire!” Based on her mega hit from 2012, Alicia Keys is having a blast on her 40th birthday. A band, fireworks and apparently a lot of fun on the beach can be seen on the singer’s Instagram profile. Above or right here in the video you can see excerpts from the party.

“Thank you very much for my fireworks tonight,” the new 40-year-old writes on Instagram and explains: “My dear friends and family are celebrating with me tonight, you are something special to me!” Obviously Keys is aware of the signal effect such images can have in the coronavirus crisis. She closes her birthday posting with the words: “For information: everyone has done a Covid test.”

Your followers seem divided. Some fans congratulate and write: “You deserve it.” Others complain that there are “too many people” and ask: “In a pandemic?”

Alicia Keys and her husband, hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz, own a $ 20 million mansion in La Jolla, California. ©

 The  party apparently seems to have taken place there. According to current figures, the state on the west coast has around 37,000 Covid deaths with over three million corona infections.

Alicia Keys and her picture book career since the 2000s

Keys grew up in the infamous Hell’s Kitchen in the New York borough of Manhattan. A district that has long been considered one of the most dangerous places in the US city. She was enthusiastic about music from an early age, and at the age of five, the later pop star received her first piano and ballet lessons. Keys graduated from high school early, after which she decided against studying and for music. However, nothing came of her first label contract.

It wasn’t until 2001 that she achieved her big breakthrough with her debut album “Songs in A Minor”, which sold over twelve million times worldwide. What came next is music history: Songs like “Fallin ‘” (2001), “Another Way to Die” (2008), “Empire State of Mind” (2009) and “Girl on Fire” (2012) conquered the charts on the the whole world. Alicia Keys has won 15 Grammys to date, and in 2019 and 2020 she herself hosted the award ceremony for the music prize.

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Alicia Keys blast #40th birthday Corona


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