Amira Pocher has her nipples lasered


Cologne –

Amira (28) and Oliver Pocher (42) celebrated the birth of their second son in December 2020.

Almost three weeks after the birth, Amira Pocher revealed in an Instagram story on Sunday (January 17th) that she has been struggling with severe pain since then – especially when breastfeeding.

But the mother of two has an extraordinary solution to her problem.

Amira Pocher: complications during delivery

As RTL reports, Amira Pocher experienced major complications during delivery. Through tears in the uterus, Amira’s son was born by emergency caesarean section.

Since then, the 28-year-old has been plagued by severe pain, which is particularly evident when breastfeeding.

Amira Pocher has her nipples lasered

 The  solution: every two days she has her nipples lasered with a “cold laser”.


 The  lasers are designed to help the small, fine cracks in the nipples – which can arise from breastfeeding – heal faster and more painlessly.

Amira Pocher also said that she could recommend the laser, but that every new mom would have to test out what could help against persistent pain.

“Every mom is unique and knows what to do when the time comes,” says Amira Pocher.

Amira Pocher’s 951,000 Instagram followers (as of January 18, 2021) are delighted with the openness of the mother of two and are excited to see what further advice will follow. (people)

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Amira Pocher nipples lasered


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