Amira Pocher shows her newborn child’s room


Updated January 25, 2021, 6:21 am

  • Amira Pocher guides you through the still unfinished baby room of her second child on Instagram.
  • A wall painting above the changing table and a wall unit with a recess characterize the beautiful room.
  •  The  Pochers did not reveal the baby’s name even after a month.

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Amira Pocher hat on Instagram through the nursery of her child born in December. ©

 The  28-year-old presents, among other things, an illuminated wardrobe with a recess.


 The  nursery is not quite finished yet. According to the proud mom, some furniture and the changing table are still missing. But Oliver and Amira Pocher have obviously given a lot of thought to how their newest offspring will feel right at home: ©

 The re is space to play, large windows and an armchair for mum or dad to sit down comfortably.

On the wall above the future changing table there is a beautiful wall painting depicting airships. A wall after all is completely held as a wall unit, but with a recess. As Amira Pocher shows, it is even illuminated.

Two-time mom in baby luck


 The  Pochers’ second child was born at Christmas in a dramatic birth: Amira Pocher had to undergo an emergency caesarean section. After mother and child are doing well, the mother of two now floats in baby happiness – and now through the still unfinished nursery. For Oliver Pocher it is the fifth child – he already has three with his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden.

While Amira Pocher repeatedly gives insights into her baby happiness on Instagram, one thing is not yet publicly known: ©

 The  baby’s name. ©

 The  mother had already announced that she wanted to act rather shy of the public when it came to children. Not always easy when she’s also working as an influencer. All she has given away is that if the big brother is more likely to come after dad, the newest Pocher offspring should come after mum.
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Amira Pocher shows newborn childs room


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