Anexia takes over insolvent startup Hex


Wow, what a story – and then another one with a happy ending. As we reported, the Carinthian software startup Hex slipped into bankruptcy proceedings around Philipp Hungerländer at the end of 2020 – the COVID crisis was too much for the young company’s ambitious plans.  The n it became known that the insolvent company would receive a state award – the jury had given its assessment before the bankruptcy became known.

Now another Carinthian entrepreneur takes the stage. Because Alexander Windbichler from Anexia has just announced that he will take over Hex. Anexia, an international cloud provider, has prevailed over 12 other interested parties in a bidding process in the last few days and is now taking over the shares in Hex. As part of an orderly restructuring, the continuation of operations is now being ensured and the team is being gradually taken over by Anexia It is said from Carinthia.

Hex: Start-up in bankruptcy proceedings receives a state award

“With the integration of Hex we are reaffirming our goal of wanting to attract the best minds to Anexia. Mathematics luminary Philipp Hungerländer and his team strengthen our competencies in the AI ​​area, especially with their innovative algorithms for the optimization of processes. We look forward to future cooperation with the renowned scientists and are convinced that this gain in know-how will further strengthen Anexia’s comprehensive and innovative cloud portfolio, ”says Windbichler, who we recently named founder of the week elected. “It also gives us the opportunity to offer new, future-oriented solutions for all aspects of our cloud platform for other industries. This enables us to strengthen our market position in the long term. ”

Founder of the week: © The  Carinthian founder who refused an investment of millions

“Anexia most attractive”

Hex, founded in 2017 by mathematics professor Philipp Hungerländer, specializes in software for optimization in logistics. “I had offers from several companies, but the general conditions that Anexia offers us were by far the most attractive. © The  jobs of all employees can be preserved and long-term plans are made with them. In addition, the fulfillment of the existing customer and research orders is secured and investments are made in the further development of the existing business areas and products of Hex. © The  established processes and the organizational structure of Anexia will help us with this. It’s a nice feeling to have someone who believes in us, ”said Hungerländer. With Anexia you now have a stable and financially strong partner.

“I am really happy about the successful bidding process for the enormous know-how of Hex, within the framework of which several absolutely professional Austrian companies with great visions each advertised”, said manager Michael Pontasch-Müller. “I hope that this process will be seen as a prime example of a successful, early renovation that brings considerable added value for everyone involved. Through this process, the jobs could also be preserved and at the same time an optimum for the creditors could be worked out in the renovation. ”

Bankruptcy: Klagenfurt-based software startup falls victim to the COVID crisis

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Anexia takes insolvent startup Hex


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