Animal cruelty! Berliner sprayed dogs on the Baltic Sea with pepper spray


A Berliner has made an illegal trip to the Baltic Sea and caused a stir.  The  woman sprayed pepper spray on several dogs and also met a two-year-old child.

An illegal weekend trip to the Baltic Sea coast brought a woman from Berlin several reports and an early departure accompanied by the police. ©

 The  46-year-old woman was walking on the promenade in Warnemünde with a friend on Saturday when she suddenly pulled out her pepper spray and sprayed on three dogs, as a police spokesman said on Monday. At the same time, the woman sprayed the 55-year-old dog owner and her two-year-old grandson with the spray and insulted them.

By the time the police arrived, the visibly excited Berliner is said to have insulted other walkers. During the inspection, it emerged that the 46-year-old is said to have violated the Corona state ordinance with her entry. In addition, the suspicion of bodily harm and violation of the Animal Welfare Act is being investigated.


 The  police accompanied the woman to the train station, where she was asked to leave. Your companion, who lived in the region, did not participate, it said.

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Animal cruelty Berliner sprayed dogs Baltic Sea pepper spray


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