Animal cruelty? Vonn’s dog show canceled by Amazon – winter sports

 Animal cruelty?  Vonn's dog show canceled by Amazon - winter sports

Lindsey Vonn should star a new dog show on Netflix. Protest by the organization “Peta” caused the suspension.

Ski retiree Lindsey Vonn wanted to take off as a TV star after her sports career. Her role as presenter of the program “ The  Pack” on Amazon Prime should have served as a stepping stone for more. Nothing will come of it now. Amazon Prime stopped the dog show before it first aired.

Vonn and her dog Lucy are the stars of the show. ©

 The  content? Mistresses and masters have to compete with their dogs against others and thus prove their special relationship.

Before the release, the animal welfare organization Peta was leaked material from the new program. A protest from animal rights activists followed. ©

 The  material is supposed to show stressed dogs.

Peta spokesman Lewis Crary: “Dogs are not props that you can just dangle over waterfalls and pop into rock walls. We are happy that Amazon made the right decision and canceled the show.”

Dogs are roped off a cliff with their owners. ©

 The  animals feel visibly uncomfortable. Worse still, dogs are even shown repeatedly colliding with the stone wall. Spicy: According to “©

 The  Wrap”, the video material is supposed to be scenes that were cut out and not used for the broadcast. Accordingly, the producers would have ordered the editors not to show them.

Ex-ski queen Vonn has not yet commented on the latest developments. She had also stayed in Vienna during the filming, and shared photos from the federal capital on Instagram at the end of 2020. ©

 The  82-time World Cup winner raved: “Austria! One of my favorite countries in the world. I’ve been here a million times, but I’ve never really spent time in Vienna. Such a beautiful city.”

Vonn was most recently in the headlines because of the breakup with her fiancé, ice hockey star PK Subban. On Instagram she shows herself these days in the gym, on the ski slope or recently with her dog on a trip to a stream.

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Animal cruelty Vonns dog show canceled Amazon winter sports


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