Another temporary closure of the Ford plant in Saarlouis is imminent – important semiconductors are missing


After the gloomy future forecasts around the Ford Saarlouis site, the plant closings due to the corona pandemic and the associated short-time work, the next blow in the neck is coming for the battered Ford workforce in Saarlouis.

Due to the corona pandemic and the resulting decline in sales in the automotive industry, leading semiconductor manufacturers had increasingly switched their production to consumer electronics. With the restart of the automotive industry, a need for semiconductors has arisen that semiconductor manufacturers cannot meet in such a short time.  The  consequence: there is simply not enough.



 The re is already talk of another production stop of at least a month behind closed doors. In addition to the Ford plant in Saarlouis, this also affects other locations and manufacturers. This should also be officially communicated soon. According to internal information, it is probably in the room that the Ford plant in Saarlouis will start next Monday, January 18th. until 19.02. remains closed. After Mardi Gras, there could even be another round with production stop.

Let’s hope that the Ford plant in Saarland will soon finally find its way into calm waters, so that the location can also be secured for the future.


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temporary closure Ford plant Saarlouis imminent important semiconductors missing


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