Apple warns of effects on pacemakers


Pacemakers are sensitive to magnetic fields – and the iPhone 12 has more magnets than before.  The  risk for those affected is no higher than with previous models, says Apple – but advises a minimum distance.

© The  new iPhone 12 contains components that can impair the functioning of pacemakers, defibrillators and other life-saving medical devices. This emerges from a recently updated support document from Apple.

Accordingly, the iPhone manufacturer now expressly warns against keeping the iPhone 12 near implants that are sensitive to magnets and radio waves. MagSafe accessories for magnetically charging Apple devices can also cause problems.

Apple recommends a minimum distance of 15 centimeters when using the iPhone. Carrying the device in a breast pocket would therefore not be a good idea for patients. A distance of at least 30 centimeters should be maintained while the smartphone is charging. According to the company, the iPhone 12 does not pose a greater risk than previous models, even if more magnetic parts are built into it.

Doctors had previously found out in an experiment that an iPhone 12 could expose a defibrillator implant if it was brought close.

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Apple warns effects pacemakers


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