Apple Watch can detect Covid-19 days before the first symptoms


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More and more smartwatches can precisely measure the heart rate of their wearers. According to US scientists, this can help detect Covid-19 infections at an early stage.

  • In the fight against the Corona* Pandemic, researchers are now also using fitness trackers like this Apple* Watch.
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     The y provide precise data for Heart rate.

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Munich – Smartwatches like that Apple Watch* and fitness trackers from other manufacturers such as Garmin or Fitbit can help Covid-19– Recognize diseases – even before there are symptoms. This is reported by the US television broadcaster CBS, citing relevant studies by the world-famous Stanford University and the university clinic Mount Sinai in New York.

In their investigations, the researchers used the sensors to measure the heart rate in the fitness trackers. ©

 The y have long been standard in smartwatches. In the meantime, the corresponding technology is so mature that the Clever watches can measure even the smallest changes in the heartbeat of their wearer. And that’s exactly where the researchers come in.

Because with the spread of an infection, the so-called also changes Heart rate variability (HRV), i.e. the range of fluctuation between two heartbeats. In healthy people, the corresponding variability is around a tenth of a second. An infection like Covid-19 leads to an extremely violent defense reaction of the body, the corresponding heart rate variability decreases.

While the nervous system is wide awake in healthy people and can therefore react more quickly to changed conditions such as the increased need for oxygen when climbing stairs, the ability to react in people with a virus disease is like Covid-19 much lower. “This change allows us to predict whether a person is sick before they even know,” said study author Professor Rob Shepherds from Mount Sinai Hospital across from CBS. According to the study, which was based exclusively on data from the Apple Watch and the iPhone, corresponding changes in HRV values ​​could be made on average a good six days before the first signs of a Corona-Prove disease.

Apple Watch: Disease information days before the outbreak of the corona symptoms

Researchers at Stanford University came to a similar conclusion. After that, 81 percent had the Corona-positive subjects had an increased heartbeat days before the onset of the first symptoms, according to an article for the US magazine Nature Biomedical Engineering from last November. Besides the Apple Watch, comparable models from Garmin or Fitbit were also used – with comparable results.

However, the researchers pointed out in their work that their results were only an intermediate stage. Changes in heart rate and heart rate variability did not necessarily indicate Covid 19 disease, as other infections also led to similar changes in HRV and heartbeat. In addition, the values ​​would have to be significantly higher in investigations Covid-19– Sick people are checked, it says. Conversely, however, the data would offer another starting point to contain the spread of the pandemic, it is said. * is part of the Ippen Digital network.

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Apple Watch detect Covid19 days symptoms


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