Apple Watch wants to cheer you up with stories while you walk


 The  feature is called ‘Time to Walk’ and was first discovered in the release candidate of watchOS 7.3. This means a feature for Apple Fitness + subscribers that wants to combine walks with interesting conversations that Apple has had and recorded with outstanding personalities. It seems that Apple will become podcasters themselves in the future.

Subscribers should be able to select the function with the workout app on the Apple Watch. In English it is called “Time to Walk”. This also optionally includes the selection of a story that will be played during the walk.

A Twitter user even spotted an Apple Fitness + promotional video promoting the feature. About 30 minutes long interviews were shown in which Shawn Mendes, Dolly Parton and Draymond Green as well as Uzo Aduba appeared.

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So far, Apple Fitness + is not offered in Germany, but we expect that the subscription with fitness tips and training plans will also start in this country in 2021. Of course, Apple has to do a lot of translation work here, but we don’t think that the subscription will only apply to English-speaking countries in the long term.

If you don’t know Apple Fitness +: It is a paid subscription with numerous training videos from the areas of yoga, dancing, running, walking, cycling, rowing and weight training that has been available in the USA for a few weeks. Personal data on the heart rate are built in so that the user can train according to his performance.

After free trial periods, the service costs US $ 9.99 per month in the US. If you prepay for a full year, you have to shell out $ 79.99.

Would you be part of Fitness +? What should the subscription cost in this country? Write your opinion in the comment fields!

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Apple Watch cheer stories walk


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