Asus Fanless Chromebox: Chrome OS Mini PC cools Celeron, i3 and i7 without a fan


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On a product page, Asus reveals the Fanless Chromebox, the new version of the Chromebox 4 introduced at the end of last year, which is in the starting blocks. The flat mini-PC with eye-catching cooling fins on the upper side of the housing is based on an Intel platform and comes to customers with Google’s Chrome OS operating system.

The origin is the Chromebox 4

The Asus Fanless Chromebox contains the genes of the Chromebox 4 in the form of Intel processors of the 10th generation (Comet Lake-U). In the case, which is atypical for Chromeboxes, which are also offered by Acer, Asus, Dell and Lenovo, is like the current standard model from Asus optionally the Celeron 5205U and the Core i3-10110U with two cores each, the latter offering a boost clock of up to 4.1 GHz and SMT also more L3 cache.

Asus Fanless Chromebox

In addition, the Core i7-10510U also has a quad-core from the 15 watt class with a turbo clock of up to 4.9 GHz. The GPU (Intel UHD Graphics 610/620) integrated in the processors is responsible for calculating and outputting the image signals. The main memory is at least 4 GB in size, with the better equipment variants allowing the modules to be changed via SO-DIMM banks. The cheaper Chromeboxes store data locally on eMMC storage, which is 32 or 64 GB in size. A 128 GB M.2 SSD with SATA connection is reserved for the top model with a Core i7. As a cloud-based operating system, Google Chrome OS is primarily designed to store data in the cloud.

Cooling fins on the housing increase the surface

In the Asus Fanless Chromebox that’s the side fanlesstech tracked down by the manufacturer, the case itself acts as a large heat sink. The eye-catching cooling fins provide a larger cooling surface in order to transfer the waste heat from the processor to the surrounding air. With dimensions of 207 × 148 × 32 mm (W × D × H), the Fanless Chromebox is wider than the standard version, but needs 8 mm less space in height. Asus states that the weight is 1.2 kg. The HDMI and USB ports known from the standard model are available on the case. In terms of connectivity, the Fanless Chromebox is better equipped with a typical WiFi 6 module and a second Gigabit LAN connection.

The end customer market is not in focus for the time being

Asus is currently not planning to offer the Fanless Chromebox in the end customer market. In this country, sales will initially only take place in the B2B segment to large customers.

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Asus Fanless Chromebox Chrome Mini cools Celeron fan


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