Audi boss Duesmann expects speed limit, “but is not looking forward to it”


The new Audi boss Markus Duesmann expects a speed limit on German autobahns for political reasons. “A speed limit has a CO2-Effect, that cannot be discussed away, “said Duesmann Wirtschaftswoche from Jan. 7, 2021.

He would “not welcome” that, because “intelligent, sensible solutions” are better than bans: “For example, digitization and liquefaction of traffic still offer enormous savings potential,” said the Audi boss, who is also the Volkswagen Group’s technology board member . “I’m not looking forward to a speed limit, but I believe it will come.”

According to Wirtschaftswoche Audi is working on a schedule for phasing out the internal combustion engine. Time periods would be set for each plant, depending on the market success of the electric cars. Audi intends to only offer cars with electric motors by 2035 at the latest.

The small car Audi A1 is on the brink. Volkswagen is well represented in this segment. “That will definitely be discussed,” said Duesmann. Audi will concentrate on larger vehicles: “We will not only have an upward shift, but will set highlights in every segment.”

With the Artemis project, he wants to develop a completely new wiring system for many vehicles in the VW Group and get electric cars up and running quickly. The first Artemis model will be an Audi and will be launched in 2024. Duesmann said that it was about “high and fully automated driving and a new sense of space”: That was the luxury of the future.

Duesmann, who privately owns more than 20 motorcycles and also works intensively on them, is also thinking about the Audi brand entering the motorcycle market. “Perhaps Audi will have a two-wheeler on offer. Our company has a great two-wheeler history with the DKW brand,” he said. “We also have Ducati, which is part of Audi.”

On April 1, 2020, Duesmann took over as Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi AG and is the Volkswagen Group Board Member for the Research and Development Resort. Before that, the engineer worked at BMW.


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Audi boss Duesmann expects speed limit


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