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?? “Full-Self-Driving-Package” doesn’t really mean that Tesla’s vehicles are allowed to drive autonomously

?? A new FSD beta version for Tesla is being tested in the US

?? Elon Musk had already announced the subscription release for the end of 2020 Initially, Elon Musk sold his company’s Tesla electric cars with an autopilot computer – the newer FSD computer has been around since 2019. FSD stands for “Full-Self-Driving-Package”, in English “Full potential for autonomous driving”. In Germany, the FSD package costs EUR 7,500 as of January 2021. Because Musk is planning to expand the package, the update to version 3 should be available to buyers of the current version. be free.

FSD: Not really autonomous driving (yet)

The FSD package does not yet offer fully autonomous driving, but includes an autopilot extension that keeps the Tesla on track, as well as steering, braking and accelerating. In addition, according to the information portal mobiflip, there are assistance systems that can help with parking, for example, or help change lanes. Since March 2020, the recognition of stop signs and red traffic lights has been released bit by bit.

In fact, the FSD computer already has the technical possibilities for future functions of fully autonomous driving – only the approval is still pending, according to information on the automobile manufacturer’s website. For example, a beta version of the has been tested in the USA since summer 2020, and the kilometers driven with this version are probably used, among other things, to gain experience for further progress.

Twitter: Musk confirms that FSD 2021 will also come as a subscription

Shortly before Christmas, a Twitter user asked whether the FSD package could also be paid for in annual installments – after all, it would make no sense to buy the complete package if the car is only rented for about a year. Musk replied, “Absolutely. We’ll be issuing an FSD subscription early next year.”

The subscription had already been announced in spring 2020 when the business figures from the first quarter were presented: Musk had already indicated a subscription release at the end of 2020. It is unclear whether the FSD subscription will be immediately available to all Tesla owners or whether it will initially be activated in certain regions. However, it is apparently possible that ?? Version 3 ?? of the FSD package will soon be available for activation in Canada and the United States. The price of the new FSD subscription is also not yet known. But Musk has already made it clear that buying the package is more worthwhile than the subscription variant: It is an investment in the future.

And: if fully autonomous driving is later possible and approved, an FSD package could be worth up to 100,000 US dollars, according to Musk on Twitter. editorial team

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