Berlin clinic closes due to corona mutation


 The  British mutation of the corona virus has been detected in the Vivantes Clinic in Berlin. ©

 The  clinic is therefore closed as a precaution.

Routine screenings in the ward for internal medicine and cardiology would have shown positive evidence of the corona mutation B.1.1.7 in 14 people so far. ©

 The  Reinickendorfer health department then asked the Robert Koch Institute for administrative assistance.

Clinic closes as a precaution


 The  head of the office, Patrick Larscheid, said that they wanted to investigate the outbreak together. It is about an extent that is difficult to keep track of at the moment, hence the step to close the Humboldt Clinic.

Employees and patients at the clinic are now in what is known as a shuttle quarantine, which means that employees are only allowed to travel between their home and the clinic. ©

 The  house is also closed to accepting new patients. Even outpatient diagnostics or outpatient interventions no longer take place.


 The  aim is to limit the outbreak to the clinic as much as possible. ©

 The  coronavirus mutation B.1.1.7, which was first detected in Great Britain, is considered to be significantly more contagious than the previous variant of the coronavirus. ©

 The  first case in Berlin was discovered two weeks ago.

Series testing in Bayreuth is ongoing

After evidence of a highly contagious corona mutation in Bayreuth, serial tests are running at the local hospital. A spokesman for the clinic said that all employees should be tested by Monday evening. For this purpose, three test roads have been set up and a booking system has been developed.


 The  vast majority of the more than 3,300 employees have already registered for a test. ©

 The  clinic now fears that many could soon fail. One is prepared to react if necessary, emphasized the spokesman for the clinic. ©

 The  Bundeswehr has already been asked.

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Berlin clinic closes due corona mutation


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