Berlin gastronomy records 75 percent minus in the corona crisis – BZ Berlin


© The  closure of the hospitality industry in early November hit hoteliers and restaurateurs hard. In the month, the Berlin businesses made an average of only a quarter of the usual turnover, Brandenburger half – restaurants, for example, with take-away sales, hotels with business travelers.

© The  Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office put the sector’s sales decline in Berlin at 75.1 percent compared to November 2019.

In Brandenburg the minus was 51.5 percent. Hotels and pensions were each more affected than the catering trade.

This has an impact on employment: in November, almost a quarter fewer people worked in the Berlin hospitality industry than a year earlier. In Brandenburg there were 17.5 percent fewer employees.

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Restaurants and pubs are still closed, at least until mid-February. Tourist overnight stays are prohibited in hotels. ©

 The  bans are intended to prevent the corona virus from spreading further.

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Berlin gastronomy records percent corona crisis Berlin


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