Bethesda Indiana Jones Game: What We Know About It So Far


“Indiana Jones” is one of many iconic roles that Harrison Ford has taken on in his film career.

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Completely surprising, Bethesda has announced a new “Indiana Jones” game. The new Lucasfilm Games brand is also involved in the development.

Bethesda triggered a wave of enthusiasm with a short teaser. The hat, the whip, the iconic music – yes, it is actually a new “Indiana Jones” game. Of all the titles that could be expected from Bethesda, no one expected this. Much is not yet known about the game. What the teaser already reveals and what else we know will be clarified in the next section.

Indiana Jones game: many details are still unknown

The teaser is just an announcement and not a gameplay trailer. Therefore it is currently not known what kind of game “Indiana Jones” will be. However, it stands to reason that there is a ActionAdventure will be in the style of “Uncharted” * – funnily enough, the first “Uncharted“-Film. The colleagues from report on the new “Indiana Jones” game.

Here you can see the teaser:

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“Indiana Jones” game: the trailer reveals that

  • The plane ticket on the table may reveal the place and time of the action. “Indiana Jones” could therefore in Rome in 1937 play. That means it’s somewhere between the first and third “Indiana Jones” films.
  • The mapthat the camera pans over is obscured by other objects on the desk, but it is clearly a map of the Vatican. A quick comparison with Google Maps confirms this.
  • A closer look also comes to mind Document with blackened text eye catching at the end of the teaser. This suggests that “Indy” from the USgovernment is commissioned.
  • Then there are the books that “Ancient Circles“, „Myths that Made” and “Forbidden Stones” be called. These could be clues to the artifact the archaeologist is trying to get his hands on.

Interesting too: “Elder Scrolls”, “Fallout”, “Doom” exclusively for Xbox Series X? Microsoft buys Bethesda.

“Indiana Jones”: Release is still in the stars

The Indiana Jones game is played by MachineGames in cooperation with Lucasfilm Games developed. Publisher Bethesda says it will be a while before more is revealed about the title.

What is certain, however, is that it is a whole new story act, detached from the films. Whether “Indy” actor Harrison Ford will serve as a template for the video game character is currently not confirmed. It is also unclear when the game will be released. (Ök) * is part of the nationwide Ippen editorial network.

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Bethesda Indiana Jones Game


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