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A scam message is currently circulating on WhatsApp promising new movable emojis. But be careful! This is a fake!

In addition to the “conventional” emojis, “new mobile emojis” should be available on WhatsApp, at least according to a message that is currently circulating in the instant messaging service.

A link will be shared in that message, which will then take you to the moving emojis. They are announced with the following text:

“Kraaasss! There are now emojis that move! Unlock the new moving emojis now!”

If you open the link in the hope of being able to install the new feature, you get to a page that emphasizes again that you should get “the new WhatsApp smiley”. Comments from alleged users who already use the emojis can also be read here. Among other things, it is commented that the emojis actually work: “Thanks, really, it works”. Thank you for this new feature: “Thanks for sharing this with us”. The purpose of these supposed field reports is to create trust among WhatsApp users.

Forward the message to 20 contacts

If you click on “Next” here, you will be asked to share the original message that brought you to the site with 20 contacts or groups via WhatsApp.

If you follow this request, WhatsApp opens.Screenshot

If you follow this request, WhatsApp opens and you can now select the contacts or groups to whom you want to send the message. You will then receive exactly the same message that you received at the beginning.

So far so good. If you have shared the message often enough, you finally get to the desired emojis with “Next” … you should think. However, this is not the case!

Instead of WhatsApp emojis: fake and fraud

Unfortunately, you don’t get any new moving emojis for WhatsApp. Instead, they support fraudsters in distributing dubious content. You also run the risk of falling victim to various attacks yourself.

Instead of smileys, you are redirected to a wide variety of fake websites.

What to do?

If you get such a message, you should never forward it and inform the sender of what the message is about.

However, if it has already happened that the link has been opened and various pages have been called up, you should proceed as follows: If you have also allowed all notifications or authorizations for the various fake websites, you should deactivate them in the browser settings. Pop-ups should also be ignored and under no circumstances should plug-ins from such websites installed.

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Beware fake WhatsApp message digital


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