Biathlon: Leitner narrowly missed victory in Oberhof

Biathlon: Leitner narrowly missed victory in Oberhof

Simon Eder also showed an outstanding performance.  The  veteran from Salzburg stayed in the top group for the entire race with an equally flawless shooting performance like Leitner and in the end just missed another podium place for the ÖSV team. © The  37-year-old took an excellent fifth place, 12.5 seconds behind.

David Komatz, on the other hand, had to be content with 28th place in the field of 30s. After Lisa Hauser’s three podium places, Austria’s men could now also look forward to their first podium place this winter. It was also a significant improvement over the last few races. In the sprint, Leitner was 19th as the best, the relay ended in 15th place after a catastrophic performance at the shooting range.

Tarjei Bö wins in Oberhof

Felix Leitner made it onto the podium for the first time in his career at the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof, Germany, finishing second in the mass start race on Sunday. ©

 The  24-year-old Tyrolean stayed clear and only had to admit defeat to the Norwegian Tarjei Bö.

“I worked consistently and cleanly”

“What can I say – incredible. ©

 The  first lap was easy, so I could easily keep up. I didn’t have any major problems keeping up with the pace on the second and third laps. I worked very consistently and cleanly at the shooting range today. With four times zero I’m overjoyed, “said Leitner, describing his race.

Tarjei Bö

APA / AFP / Tobias Schwarz

In the end, only Tarjei Bö was better than the Tyrolean

“I kept getting further and further forward, and more and more athletes broke away with mistakes. In the end, I ran with Benjamin Weger and Simon and really wanted to leave until Tarjei came. ©

 The n there was only more full throttle. I am overjoyed that I finished second, I never would have expected that. Two days after that bad season, Simon and I hit it all. It can go that fast, it’s madness. “

Gust with the strongest finish

After three shooting series, the leading group had decimated to six active players, including the two Austrians, who also kept their nerves in the final standing attack. It was different to Bö, who had to go into the penalty loop with a miss but could rely on his running qualities in the finish. In this, the almost 38-year-old Eder had no chance against the much younger competition and was ultimately swallowed by Lukas Hofer.

Nevertheless, Eder was satisfied: “Today I think we surprised ourselves. After our appearances in the last five races, we couldn’t have expected that we would achieve a podium and a top five place today. But races like that taste best, and of course that gives us a huge boost for the rest of the season. “

Hauser missed top spot after falling

With a little carelessness in the finish, Lisa Hauser took the fourth World Cup podium in a row. ©

 The  27-year-old, recently third three times, held up excellently over the 12.5 kilometers and, as a member of a group of six, had the podium after the last shooting despite a total of three failed attempts.

In third place behind the French Julia Simon and the German Franziska Preuß, however, she fell in a descent, had to let several runners pass and finally fell back to twelfth place, 33.4 seconds behind the winner Simon. Preuss finally came second, the Swede Hanna Öberg third.

Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof

Men’s mass start (15 km):
1. Tarjei Bö NOR 37:41,9 1*
2. Felix Leitner OR + 3,6 0
3. Benjamin Weger SUI 7,8 0
4. Lukas Hofer ITA 12,5 2
5. Simon Eder OR 12,7 0
6. Matwej Jelisejew RUS 20,1 1
7. Johannes Thingnes Bö NOR 27,4 4
8. Erik Lesser GER 31,4 1
9. Simon Desthieux FROM 31,9 3
10. Quentin Fillon Maillet FROM 36,4 3
28. David Komatz OR 3:04,2 3

* Shooting error = penalty loops

Women’s mass start (12.5 km):
1. Julia Simon FROM 3:40:11,1 3*
2. Franziska Preuss GER + 3,9 2
3. Hannah Öberg SWE 11,7 3
4. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold NOR 13,0 2
5. Mona Brorsson SWE 14,9 1
6. Dorothea Wierer ITA 28,8 2
7. Marte Olsbu Röiseland NOR 30,3 4
8. Tiril Eckhoff NOR 32,1 4
9. Justine Braisaz-Bouchet FROM 32,6 4
10. Marketa Davidova JUN 33,0 3
12. Lisa Hauser OR 33,4 3
25. Dunja Zdouc OR 2:36,2 4
27. Julia Schwaiger OR 2:53,8 5

* Shooting error = penalty loops

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Biathlon Leitner narrowly missed victory Oberhof


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