Biden wants to stop controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline


According to Canadian media reports, future US President Joe Biden plans to withdraw the approval for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline between the US and Canada. As the TV stations CBC and CTV reported, citing internal papers, Biden wants to stop the project after his inauguration on Wednesday.

 The  equivalent of almost seven billion euros, the pipeline was supposed to transport around 500,000 barrels of oil a day from tar sand deposits in Alberta, Canada, to refineries in the US state of Texas. Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney told Twitter that he was “deeply concerned” about the reports. “Should the future US government revoke the Keystone XL approval, Alberta will work with TC Energy to use all legal options to protect his interests in the project, “announced Kenney.

© The  outgoing US President Donald Trump had given the green light for the construction of Keystone XL in spring 2017. Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama had rejected the project mainly for reasons of climate protection.

Environmentalists warn, among other things, of the catastrophic consequences of possible leaks. © The y also complain that too many greenhouse gases are released in the complicated process of extracting oil from tar sand. (apa, afp)

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Biden stop controversial Keystone oil pipeline


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