Big council should approve the corona credit line on Wednesday


The Health and Social Commission of the Grand Council wants Basel hospitals, nursing homes and Spitex to quickly support them in the Corona crisis. The Commission writes this in a communication. She supported the credit line of 108 million francs presented by the government council to cover additional corona costs in the health sector and applied for treatment at the grand council meeting on January 13th.

“The corona pandemic is making massive demands on the facilities and staff of the Basel city health system,” the commission concluded. Hospitals, nursing homes and Spitex would calculate their additional and additional costs for the past and the current year at 108 million francs.

Discussion requested on Wednesday

In December, the government submitted a piece of advice to parliament, which aims to cover the resulting and future funding gap by means of a framework expenditure approval. “After a detailed discussion”, the Health and Social Commission (GSK) motion to the Grand Council to deal with the business in the January meeting and therefore to add to the agenda at a later date. That would mean that the deal would be dealt with next Wednesday.

“The GSK decided to take this unusual step because, in view of the COVID-19 situation, a quick financial clarification for the hospitals and thus a political signal to these core institutions for crisis management seems essential”, so the reasoning of the commission. It follows the proposal unanimously. The finance commission supports the supplementary credit, which is necessary for the approval of the credit line.

Discussion of bonuses for health workers

“The general expenditure permit raised the question of how this takes into account the highly demanded specialist staff”, it continues. «The hospitals only work with and thanks to this. It is currently very scarce and is in constant use. ” A controversial discussion has been going on for months about whether a corona bonus should not be applied to the staff. In the GSK, opinions differ as to which role the canton should play in this matter. “As a compromise, they agreed to leave the advice as presented, but to submit an openly formulated motion that instructs the government council to develop a corona bonus system together with the hospitals and to propose it to the Grand Council,” as it were continues in the message.

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Big council approve corona credit line Wednesday


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