Biontech boss: Clarity about vaccine production quantities at the end of January


We are trying to find new cooperation partners who work for
produce us, “says Biontech boss Ugur Sahin

Biontech boss Ugur Sahin assumes that the company will have clarity about the further production quantities for the corona vaccine by the end of January. “ We are trying to win new cooperation partners who will produce for us. But it is not as if specialized factories all over the world were standing idle that could produce vaccines of the required quality overnight,” said Sahin (55) ) the news magazine “ Der Spiegel”.

At the end of January we will have clarity as to whether and how much we can produce more.” At the moment, the overall number of available vaccines against Covid-19 does not look “rosy”, “because there are no other approved vaccines and we have to fill this gap with our vaccine,” said Sahin. Therefore, they are working with the US partner Pfizer to explore the possibility of increased production of their own preparation.

The vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer was approved in the EU just before Christmas and has also been administered for a few days. There are currently no further approvals for corona vaccines in the EU. The international community has already ordered vaccine doses from several manufacturers that are still being developed. “There was the assumption that many other companies would come with vaccines. Apparently the impression prevailed: We’ll get enough, it won’t be that bad, and we have that under control. I was surprised,” said Sahin.

On the question of whether Biontech could license other manufacturers to produce the new vaccine, Sahin emphasized the complexity involved in the production of mRNA vaccines. “ You can’t just switch over, so that vaccine is suddenly produced instead of aspirin or cough syrup. The process requires years of expertise and the appropriate structural and technological equipment.”

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