Bite barometer: Florian Kohfeldt brings heat to Werder Bremen

Bite barometer: Florian Kohfeldt brings heat to Werder Bremen

Bremen – Suddenly it got “hot”. Florian Kohfeldt’s voice probably sounded up to the Osterdeich and down to the banks of the Weser, when the SV Werder Bremen coach interrupted the ongoing training session and did what he had announced for the week: bring some heat.

Scenes and actions presented to the observer as one has seen from Kohfeldt quite often.  The  38-year-old acted on his staff by gesticulating, explaining, and rebuking. And above all: loud. A trainer in full swing. All with the aim of getting the team up to temperature for the home game against FC Augsburg (Saturday, 3:30 p.m.). Because it will be a game in which Werder Bremen must provide important answers to important questions.

Werder Bremen: Was the 2-0 draw against Union Berlin really just “an outlier downwards”?

Defenselessly surrendered – that was the accusation after the Union debacle. Although Coach Kohfeldt rated the game as an “outlier downward”, he also grumbled: “I won’t forget that.” In his view, it was 1: 1 SV Werder Bremen A good reaction against Bayer Leverkusen, but he was not in a mild mood. Against FC Augsburg, more will be required of the team than “just” a defensive battle. “We’ll have more of the ball. Augsburg will force us into duels. We have to win the second balls, ”said Kohfeldt and tackled his players accordingly in training yesterday. Although he did not drive the team across the pitch with constant yelling, he was there in moments when the players’ viciousness barometer sank. You can call it instructions that he distributed, or you can call it a mailer. In any case, there was something on the ears when the duels became too weak and the actions too limp. “We have to go really bad because: Augsburg will hurt us on Saturday too,” scolded Kohfeldt. And: “We have to train the way we want to play.” A unit that was too comfortable was an issue even before the Union game. After all: yesterday the kick-off had an effect, from then on train was inside. Kohfeldt did not have to intervene so violently a second time, and Milos Veljkovic later said that the team understood: “We have to and want to bring this sharpness in so that we can go to the limit again at the weekend. Otherwise it will be difficult. ”

Are the SV Werder Bremen strikers working again?

It was only minutes after the outbreak of Kohfeldt when Davie Selke crossed to Milot Rashica, whose direct take-off did not fly into the goal, but rattled into the safety fence. But at least: © The re was speed, and especially with Rashica, where the question marks are currently the biggest, it became clear that he actually got back to operating temperature after his injury break.

Selke is already one step further, Niclas Füllkrug is also working on becoming a starting eleven candidate. After the end of the training he did solo exercises and was the last to leave the field. Selke, too, rehearsed the finish with Yuya Osako and Leo Bittencourt, while most of the colleagues were already back in the dressing room. All clear signs of how “keen” the two strikers are on a mission from the start. It is very likely that either Selke, who disappointed against Leverkusen after being substituted on, or Füllkrug against Augsburg in the starting XI of Werder Bremen Pop up.

Will Werder Bremen put an end to the weakness at home?

Clemens Fritz made it easy for himself and explained Bremen’s weak home record with the ghost backdrop. “I know that we lost home games when the spectators were still there,” said the head of professional football, “but for me there is only one explanation: We miss the fans extremely.” It is, of course, a weak one Explanation and it is dangerous, because it gives the players an alibi for every further ghost game (and some of them will come). Werder Bremen but must win home games again – even without fans. Only five points in seven home games is a meager record, Werder only got 23.8 percent of the possible points in their own stadium and so far only won against Arminia Bielefeld. Last season it was only nine points after 17 home games. What gives hope for Saturday: Coach Kohfeldt has a white home vest against FC Augsburg: two games, two wins (4: 0, 3: 2).

Werder Bremen: Is there another unwelcome “Bayern effect”?


 The  1-1 draw at Bayern Munich was celebrated in a big way. Sense of achievement! Historical! ©

 The re should be Werder momentum. But it gave Werder a false belief in their own strength. This was followed by four defeats in a row. ©

 The  1-1 draw against Bayer Leverkusen was again such a game that raised hopes that things could now improve Werder Bremen. To achieve this, a renewed “Bavaria effect” must be avoided as a matter of urgency. (csa) Also interesting: This is how you see the Bundesliga match between Werder Bremen and FC Augsburg live on TV and in the live stream.

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Bite barometer Florian Kohfeldt brings heat Werder Bremen


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