BR24Live: Lockdown extended, daycare centers and schools remain closed


At an early crisis summit, the prime ministers of the federal states agreed with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to extend the lockdown beyond January 31.  The  previous protective measures are to be extended to February 14th and tightened at some points, as Merkel said after hours of video switching in Berlin. Because the mutated virus poses a serious threat, as developments in Great Britain and Ireland have shown. “We have to act now.” It’s about the prevention.

This means that cultural and leisure facilities, restaurants and many shops will remain closed until at least mid-February. © The  contact restrictions should also continue to apply unchanged – members of a household are only allowed to meet one other person.

For the time being no opening of daycare centers and schools

According to Merkel, there was a long struggle for daycare centers and schools. Because of the risk of the spread of mutations, the closure of daycare centers and schools must be extended until mid-February. “Restrictive implementation” is important here, stressed the Chancellor. ©

 The re are serious indications that the mutation is also spreading more widely among children and adolescents. “And we have to take these information seriously.”

OP, KN95 or FFP2 masks are mandatory


 The  obligation to wear medical masks, i.e. so-called surgical masks or masks of the KN95 or FFP2 standards, will be expanded, Merkel said. ©

 The y have a higher protective effect than conventional cloth masks. In the future, it will be mandatory to wear such medical masks in public transport and in shops.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) stressed that the virus would become more dangerous and the mask would have to be better. In the Free State, FFP2 masks have been mandatory in shops, buses and trains since Monday.

Söder: Rules remain in Bavaria


 The  decision of the Corona summit enables the countries to continue to implement their own measures in the event of high incidences. Little will change for the Free State. ©

 The  regulations on curfews, the FFP2 mask requirement and the 15 km radius for people in corona hotspots remain. “We’ll keep that.”

More on this at BR24.

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BR24Live Lockdown extended daycare centers schools remain closed


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