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Everyday masks have had their day in Brandenburg’s buses and trains, in shops and offices since Saturday. © The re is a stricter mask requirement. © The  contact restrictions also still apply – not all of them adhere to them.

Since Saturday, surgical masks, FFP2 masks and those with the designation N95, P2, DS2 or KN95 have to be worn in public transport, in shops and offices – but without an exhalation valve. In the shops, people seem to stick to it too. “We have not had any complaints so far,” said Nils Busch-Petersen, General Manager at the Berlin-Brandenburg Trade Association, on Saturday afternoon.

According to the city, employees of the public order office in Potsdam checked compliance with the stricter mask requirement. First of all, it is about informing people, said spokesman Jan Brunzlow. ©

 The re are no major controls with the police. At the beginning of next week a balance should be drawn.

According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB), many Brandenburgers put on better protective masks on buses and trains. “60 to 80 percent of the passengers had already used FFP2 masks when the obligation was still under discussion and did not even apply,” said spokesman Joachim Radünz.

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Violations are only rare. “©

 The  control system has proven itself. We only have very few outliers, ”says Radünz. However, some forget that the mask requirement also applies at train stations and platforms.

Strict controls and police operations


 The  police themselves do not check compliance with the mask requirement, the public order offices are responsible for this. But common patrols are made again and again. However, according to the police headquarters in Potsdam, this did not exist at the weekend. Checks are carried out as part of the daily patrol, said spokesman Mario Heinemann. If police detect violations, the data of those affected are forwarded to the health authorities, said Christin Knospe, spokeswoman for the North Police Department.

► During an operation in Perleberg (Prignitz) on Saturday night, the police broke up a celebration, the four participants came from four different households and would have violated the current contact restrictions.

► Three occupants of a car on Wahrenberger Strasse in Wittenberge were also hit late on Friday evening.

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Brandenburger Lockdown extension police dissolve party people Berlin


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