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On Friday morning, the oldest and most famous cryptocurrency on the Bitstamp trading platform cost $ 38,600. On Thursday, the price jumped over the $ 40,000 mark for the first time, but then dropped to $ 36,600. Such violent price fluctuations within a short time are more the rule than the exception with Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin’s recent soaring is still unparalleled. Since mid-December alone, in just over three weeks, its price has roughly doubled. Over the year, the rate has increased by a factor of five. Hardly any other form of investment currently has such drastic price increases to offer. However, critics warn of exaggerations and a bubble, since such extreme price increases are rarely sustainable.

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Other internet currencies, of which there are currently around 8,200, have recently benefited from the run on the crypto market. The total market volume broke the one trillion US dollar mark for the first time on Thursday. Ether, the second largest digital currency after Bitcoin, is also heading for a record high. The Internet currency XRP from Ripple is an exception to the general rally. The reason for this is serious allegations from the US stock exchange regulator SEC.

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