Bringing young and old together in Sachsenhausen


Paulina Luft, the new district manager on Mühlberg, advocates active neighborhood and more buses.

Paulina Luft has a dream: All residents of the Mühlberg come so close together “that young and old are completely networked with one another and help, support and exchange ideas at all times”.  The  new district management officer, who took over from Inga Anhorn on November 1st in the Agaplesion-Oberin-Martha-Keller-Haus, has many ideas and plans.

In any case, there is no sign of Hanseatic coolness in the air. ©

 The re, in the north, the former business administration student specializing in health management grew up. In 2018 she completed a trainee program at Agaplesion. ©

 The  way led them via Berlin to Frankfurt. “Living and care is exactly my thing,” she says.


 The  district project on the Mühlberg has been in existence since 2018. “We have just learned that it will continue until January 2023. By then I would like to have the neighborhood help fully established, ”says Luft. Next week, the project will be awarded the City of Frankfurt’s Neighborhood Prize 2019 in the “Young and Old” category for public cell phone consultation hours. “Young people in the youth center Basement 26 help with all questions about cell phones. That goes down great. Also because young and old exchange ideas without prejudice, ”says Luft.

Due to Corona, however, many things have to be canceled, for example the weekly “dancing for young and old”. “Instead, we set up a neighborhood help hotline back in May. If you like, you can go shopping, go for walks, run errands or have an open ear and support older people. ”Actually, 20 neighborhood meetings were planned this year. That too was converted into surveys, on paper and digitally. “At the request of the residents, there are now ten park benches to relax in and two large showcases in which the neighborhood management and other events and offers of help can post.”

Luft, who cycles from Bornheim to the Mühlberg every day, also wants to work for improved local transport. “©

 The  quarter is beautiful, but also very steep. More than 23 percent of the residents are over 65. Active participation in life absolutely needs good bus and train traffic with significantly higher frequency. ”©

 The  district manager, who enjoys playing field hockey in her free time, can understand this wish very well through her own daily cycle of bicycles .

She hopes that the corona risk will level off next year and that there will be festivals and events again. “Nevertheless, I will also drive digitalization for everyone. Direct contact between people is important. As long as it is restricted, we must act differently. And give as much secure closeness between young and old as possible. “

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Bringing young Sachsenhausen


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