BUND calls for more land protection in Hessen


In view of the planned residential areas, environmentalists in Hesse are calling for land consumption to be curbed. “We need a paradigm shift and have to rethink the subject,” says Jochen Kramer from the Association for Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation (BUND). According to this, around 2.5 hectares of land are still sealed in Hessen – per day.  The  environmentalists are calling for the federal government to focus on the target value and to reduce land consumption to one hectare per day by 2023. © www.de24.news

 The  previous consumption is in direct contrast to the goals of sustainable development, according to the BUND.

Meanwhile, the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with other associations and organizations, are calling for more building land. “We urgently need new building space, both commercial space and living space for the urgently needed skilled workers,” says IHK President Ulrich Caspar.

In Frankfurt, for example, a new district on meadows and fields on the A5 motorway is being considered. In Wiesbaden, the Ostfeld is also to be developed as a large quarter with living space and commercial space on an almost undeveloped area of ​​450 hectares.

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BUND calls land protection Hessen


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