Buy a PS5: didn’t get a console? With this tool you can easily find one


The PS5 is completely sold out at all retailers. But do not despair, because this fan tool will help you find a console at Amazon, Saturn & Co.

Hamburg, Germany Still not done one PS5 pre-order to be able to? Always noticed too late when new Consoles appear online out of nowhere? Not anymore! A resourceful one recompensor now has the perfect Tool for the pre sales the PlayStation 5 created. You will certainly not miss a new phase of the pre sales.

Buy PS5: Never miss a chance when selling the Sony console thanks to the fan tool

This should be PS5 Pre-order finally succeed. The Reddit Users nehalist a smart, little tool has programmed itself, by no means Presale wave the new Sony Consoles to miss. So far, the PS5 presale was rather suboptimal, with the Tool of nehalist But you save yourself the stress of having to research again and again whether the PS5 might not be available. The whole thing couldn’t be easier to set up: All you have to do is use the Twitter account @ iloveps_5 consequences.

As soon as it’s desired PlayStation 5 at Amazon Germany to buy, the account automatically sends a tweet and you can PS5 pre-order. On his own website for his Tool explained nehalist how the system works. The service simply lets a crawler over the Amazonpage the PS5 run and as soon as this changes to orderable, the Twitter account fails and you can strike – simple but effective.

Buy PS5: How Does the Sony Console Selling Tool Work?

Small flaw of the Tools: Currently the system only works with Amazon Germany, Amazon US and the official American PlayStation Shop. Other German dealers are not yet registered. However, it cannot be ruled out that Fans soon you will also receive information about the stocks at Media Markt, Saturn, Otto etc.

Pre-order PS5: Clever fan tool gives you decisive advantages when buying

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Even if the bot isn’t in time for the sale the PS5 should turn down, we think it is Tool at least worth a try. Especially considering that Sony now apparently the presale of the PS5 in retail should have completely stopped and it is currently not clear whether it is the PlayStation 5 for the November release at all in the city centers. As always, we keep our fingers crossed that you too will have one PS5 Caught!

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