Buy PS5 from Medimax: Not available, but there are still consoles here



The PS5 was available from Medimax for a short time. We’ll tell you the current status and give you an alternative.

Medimax sells the PS5.

  • Medimax offered new PS5 consoles in early December.
  • All devices at Medimax are currently out of stock.
  • With 1 & 1, consoles are still available.

Consoles were also available for a short time on Amazon, Euronics and GameStop. However, the devices are sold out everywhere, see our dealer overview with all the important information.

At Medimax Buy PS5

If you’ve been late, check out these tricks to buy a PS5 even faster.

PS5 still got tariff

After all: You can still secure the PS5 with a DSL contract with 1 & 1. Offers with a mobile phone contract with Mobilcom-Debitel and O2 are now sold out.

Elsewhere we give you a forecast for the PS6.

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Buy PS5 Medimax consoles


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