Buy PS5: Mobilcom-Debitel still has consoles – this is how you secure them


Every now and then, individual, used PS5s appear on Amazon, but new consoles remain in short supply. How good that Mobilcom Debitel still has some in stock.

  • The PS5 was released on November 19, 2020 and was incredibly fast sold out.
  • You can’t buy them at any retailer anymore and supplies look bad too.
  • But if you have a new one Handy or a new one mobile phone contract you can agree with some Cellular providers a PS5 to back up.

Hamburg, Germany PlayStation Fans are mad. Who before or at Christmas one Buy PS5 wanted and has not yet received one, will have to wait until next year. Because Sony can no longer deliver supplies to retailers in 2020 and the latter rarely get them PlayStation 5 consoles returned. From time to time small contingents are activated, here one, there times two, but these are of course gone within seconds. But don’t worry, we’ll show you where you can still get one straight away Buy PS5 console can.

PS5: This is how you get the next-gen console even though it’s sold out

The next-gen debacle Consoles of Sony does not tear off. At first there were huge problems with pre-orders, because scalpers already got the real fans with the help of bots PS5 snapped from under the nose. Those who have a PlayStation 5 were able to get hold of, then partially received cancellations of their pre-orders. They were also on release day Consoles sold out faster than one Sony could say. MediaMarkt and Saturn have now also confirmed that there will be no more consoles to buy before Christmas.

But of course there are alternatives, like you still have one Buy PS5 can and get it immediately. Option number one, of course, are portals like eBay and eBay Classifieds. However, thanks to the demand, the prices are so enormously high that you would easily have to pay double the original price. Politicians want to take action against these horrific reseller prices for the PS5, but it may take a while before that happens. So how else do you get one of the coveted ones PlayStation 5?

Buy PS5: It can be delivered immediately from these providers despite being sold out

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Buy PS5: Console in a double pack with a mobile phone contract from these providers

The PS5 are currently available at some Cellular providers along with a new one Handy or a new one mobile phone contract. So if you have a new one for a long time Handy wanted to treat someone or someone from your circle of friends and family to a new one mobile phone contract you could do one at the same time Buy PS5. There is currently a great deal at Mobilcom-Debitel. There you can PS5 Disc Edition for € 99.99 to buy, if you book the Green LTE 10 GB tariff in the telecommunications network for € 41.99. In addition, you get from Cellular provider even a 24-month PS Plus membership for free! Cheaper you can PS5 currently nowhere to buy.

Also the Cellular provider O2 and 1 & 1 had the PS5 on offer, as an additional option for new cell phones, cell phone contracts or DSL tariffs, of course. At 1 & 1 you can get a new DSL contract for € 14.99 a month Buy PS5. The contract runs for 24 months, so you are responsible for the PS5 would only pay a total of € 359.76. In connection with the DSL 100 tariff you would pay an amount of € 54.98 per month. At O2 you would have PS5 for only 1 euro to buy can – in conjunction with the Cell phone tariff O2 Free M. Unfortunately, the deal expired on December 23, 2020, but keep an eye on the site, maybe this deal or a similar one will come back.

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