Buy PS5: New consoles announced – Insider gives buyers hope


 The re are still a lot of PS5 consoles missing due to the high demand. But, according to an insider, new consoles will come soon.

  • Even almost two months after Release fans hardly have the opportunity to have one PS5 to buy (All PS5 News *).
  • © The  Sony * console is mainly through at the moment Scalper sold at overpriced prices.
  • However, several sources on the Internet now suspect that new ones will be available by January 14th Consoles should arrive at dealers.

Tokyo, Japan – Since then Release the PS5 * on November 19, 2020 does not have a larger one Sales wave the new Consoles given. For Fanswho did not have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the Sony console Buying scalpers and overpriced deals on Ebay are the only alternatives at the moment. But improvement is in sight. ©

 The  internet currently says that many Dealer new supplies of the in the coming days PS5 to the sale should get. Several Twitter accounts announce the arrival of Consoles between January 7th and 14th.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

Buy PS5: EU and UK get new supplies

In the UK in particular, several sources report Replenishments the PS5 later this month. Numerous accounts report on Twitter that the stocks of the Consoles observe that already on January 7th consoles at Online retailers should arrive. ©

 The  emphasis is on online, the PS5 will still not be sold in stores *, the reason for this being the lockdown due to the corona pandemic. At the same time, the Twitter accounts are reporting delivery problems for Great Britain due to Brexit. For the mainland of Europe If things look different, however, Gameswirtschaft reports on the availability of the PS5 that new sales could theoretically start every day.

It says that you should, however, receive new messages from Sony wait for yourself, as the company is expected to warn of new sales in advance. It is then expected that retailers will make their own appointments for the sale the PS5 notify. With one refers to dealers like Amazon, Euronics, Expert and Otto, which already with the big ones Selling waves participated in September and November 2020. However, should Media Markt and Saturn probably no contingents of Consoles in the Sales wave because they are still busy delivering the last outstanding pre-orders.

Buy PS5: Sold in January, delivery expected in February

Should new ones ConsolesAs reported on Twitter, will arrive at dealers between January 7th and 14th, it can be roughly estimated that sales of the PS5 take place between January 11th and 18th. ©

 The  exact time is unknown, depending on how much lead time the Online retailer take yourself for preparation. ©

 The  rush should be great again, there Scalper continue to use bots to get as many as possible Consoles secure for resale. At a sale So again, heavily used websites and server problems can be expected.


 The  PlayStation 5 sold record breaking at the release.

© Sony * also reports on the new PS5 consoles that are due to go on sale in January * and reports that the Consoles both Online retailers can only be reserved for the time being. That means, similar to the pre-orders, the purchase is reserved and the Consoles sent to customers at a later date. ©

 The  extradition will be in the case of a Sales wave expected in January for February. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

List of rubric lists: © Sony

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Buy PS5 consoles announced Insider buyers hope


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