Can I travel to other countries with a corona vaccination and plan a summer vacation in 2021?


Many holiday countries will only allow us beyond their borders with proof of a corona vaccination –
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You may soon come to any country with just a vaccination certificate in your pants or hand.

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Basically, if everyone has the chance to be injected, those who have been vaccinated will not get any privileges, but only their basic rights earlier than those who do not want to be vaccinated. And we have yes, no influence whatsoever on which entry regulations other countries apply.

Comment: Access only for vaccinated persons – special right or basic right?

Because classic holiday countries in particular do not dwell on such scruples for long.  The y hope for an early and numerous return of foreign guests and want to allow people immunized against Covid-19 to cross the border, if this is noted in the EU vaccination certificate that has now been decided. For the time being, it should only be a medical document. Whether you can travel freely again with it will only be decided in the coming weeks or even months. If there is no EU-wide agreement, the countries could decide for themselves who they let beyond their borders, that is and remains national law.

Experts expected this development. In a recent survey by the travel portal reisevor9, in which more than 1,300 tourism experts took part, almost three quarters of the participants ticked that they “consider it to be predominantly or very likely that numerous countries insist on a vaccination for entry.” Almost 70 percent believe that travel “will be reserved for vaccinated people around the world until the corona crisis is overcome”, two thirds of travel professionals expect a Europe-wide regulation that will soon make travel possible again for vaccinated people.


 The  airlines could play a key role, as they are entitled to a kind of domestic authority on board their aircraft with the authority of the captain. Almost 70 percent of the survey participants expect that soon only vaccinated people will be allowed on board. Some airlines like the Australian Quantas are already officially playing with this idea. 47 percent of those surveyed consider corresponding rules in the hotel industry to be likely, and they are already being discussed. And the British cruise line Saga is the first to announce that only customers with complete vaccination protection, i.e. with two vaccinations, should get on board their ships.
Travel lawyer Paul Degott answered the question of whether airlines, shipping companies, hotels and tour operators are even allowed to require their customers to have a corona vaccination with a resounding yes. “You may even exclude non-vaccinated people in principle,” so his judgment in the portal

Travel trends 2021: How Corona influences vacation planning

Reason: “Due to the freedom of contract, they are free to choose with whom they conclude a contract – and with whom not. For example, restaurants have the right to refuse entry to drunk people or to insist on a dress code. Holidaymakers are mostly familiar with these regulations from hotel restaurants. Restaurants that require long trousers for dinner or prohibit entry in swimwear. Accordingly, it would also be possible for companies to only offer their services to vaccinated people. ” However, this only applies as long as nothing has been booked, after which the contract must also be fulfilled.

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© The se countries lift quarantine for vaccinated people


 The  small, touristically unspoiled Republic of Moldova was the first state to abolish its entry ban for people vaccinated against the coronavirus. Non-immunized travelers must remain in quarantine.
Poland, which is more important for tourism, also allows vaccinated people to enter, Iceland is planning to exempt this group from testing and quarantine requirements. It is currently the only country in Europe for which the Federal Foreign Office has not issued a travel warning – however, anyone entering from Germany must be quarantined there. Norway is also currently discussing whether vaccinated people will soon be allowed to enter without quarantine. Since Thursday, German tourists have also been able to enter the Seychelles quarantine-free if they can provide proof of a complete vaccination with two doses and at least two weeks have passed since the vaccination.

Holiday countries such as Portugal and Greece have been demanding the EU-wide corona vaccination pass that has now been adopted, Spain considers it “a very important element”. You’re likely to jump out from behind the bush with a travel restriction lift soon. Because when the EU vaccination certificate will come is still open. Germany, for example, hesitates, there are still too many questions unanswered – such as whether vaccinated people are not contagious. Questions like these have to be clarified first, and that can take a while. But one thing seems clear: if other countries only allow vaccinated people to enter, holiday countries such as Austria, Italy or France will probably join them.

Procedure, locations, costs: questions and answers about the corona vaccination

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© The  EU Commission considers a vaccination rate of 70 percent of adults in the EU to be feasible by summer – that would affect a period between June and the end of August. ©

 The  new, highly contagious virus mutations could stand in the way, but if such a high vaccination rate is achieved, this would be the turning point in the fight against the pandemic, according to the Commission – that could save us summer vacation.

Families could also plan trips with children

Incidentally, no corona vaccinations have yet been planned for children. ©

 The  vaccines have not been tested enough on them, so it is still unclear when and whether a suitable vaccine will be available for children. ©

 The  age limit from which a vaccination is possible should be between 16 and 18 years – for example, the corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer has already been approved in Great Britain for adolescents aged 16 and over.

Mallorca is among the top 5 most popular destinations among Germans for 2021. ©

 The n another towel dispute on loungers could break out. This picture was taken in Alcudia in August 2020.

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As things stand now, a family in which at least the parents intend to get vaccinated could plan a summer vacation in many countries. Children are then usually allowed to travel with you, although country-specific regulations could still be issued. We therefore recommend that you inform yourself about this on the relevant pages of the Federal Foreign Office or the RKI before booking or in good time before your arrival.

Quick poll comes to a different conclusion

Meanwhile, the travel agency Urlaubspiraten has also asked its Instagram fans about vaccinations and freedom of travel: “Should travel only be allowed again for those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19?” About a third of the 3,141 unrepresentative survey participants think that Travel should only be possible for vaccinated persons. On the other hand, 66.7 percent answered “No”. Reasons for saying no could be that many would like freedom of travel for everyone, whether vaccinated or not. However, there are also many users behind the answers who currently generally do not consider travel to be sensible or who advocate alternatives such as compulsory testing. It is also criticized that the prioritization of risk groups means that many Germans will only have the opportunity to receive the vaccination later in the year. So far, the federal government has also rejected compulsory vaccinations, for example for air travelers.
An alternative to compulsory vaccinations, which most German airlines also rely on, are extensive tests. Lufthansa and other airlines and airports are planning to test every passenger for the corona virus before their flight in the future. ©

 The  result should be available after 20 to 30 minutes. Those who test negative receive a boarding pass and can start their flight as planned. Etihad and Emirates are meanwhile testing the Iata health pass as a pilot project. It should collect the necessary information on passengers, vaccination certificates, tests and entry requirements in a smartphone app. ©

 The  “Iata Travel Pass” should then make air travel easier and help avoid quarantine.

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