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    Pennsylvania Result: Senate rejects objection to

    The Senate has rejected the objection to the Pennsylvania election results. Seven Republican senators supported the objection, including Ted Cruz, Texas and Rick Scott, Florida. The House of Representatives is also discussing the objection. Its result is still pending.

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    Objection to the election result from Pennsylvania

    The Republicans have again objected to the election result from one state. This time against the result from Pennsylvania. The Senate and House of Representatives have now withdrawn to discuss the objection. These consultations may last a maximum of two hours. This post shows you exactly what happens there:

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    “Shocked”: reactions from abroad

    Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz expressed himself in shock about an “unacceptable attack on democracy”. “Shocked by the scenes in Washington,” tweeted Kurz in English. Now a peaceful and orderly transfer of power must be secured.

    French President Emmanuel Macron writes on Twitter that he trusts the strength of democracy in the USA. “What happened in Washington is not American.”

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    Four dead – 52 arrested

    Sad result: According to the police on the parliament grounds, a total of four people died in the incidents around the Capitol. One person died as a result of a gunshot wound, three died as a result of medical emergencies. 52 people were arrested.

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    First objection to US election result in Congress failed

    Republicans from the US Congress have failed in their first attempt to overturn the result of the presidential election in one of the US states. The Senate voted against an objection by a Republican MP and Republican Senator Ted Cruz, both of whom had appealed against the Arizona state election results.

    Only six senators supported the objections, 93 voted against. In the House of Representatives, a no to the move was also expected. In any case, the approval of both chambers of congress would have been necessary in order to make the objection a success.

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    Obama accuses Trump of inciting violence

    Former President Barack Obama accuses incumbent Donald Trump of instigating violence at the Capitol. In a statement, Obama speaks of a “moment of great shame and shame for our nation”.

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    Congress meets again

    The session of the US Congress continues after Trump supporters have since been violently stormed. The Senate is continuing its deliberations on the certification of the presidential election result. The House of Representatives also wants to meet again that evening. Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the chamber will not be intimidated or bow to outlaws. «You tried to disrupt our democracy. You failed. ”


    Mitch McConnell is back in the room.


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    How did the Capitol storm come about?

    We’ve rounded up the facts about the Trump supporters storming the Capitol. Here you will find the answers to the most important questions.

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    Trump supporters ignore curfew

    Even after the Washington curfew went into effect, supporters of President Trump are still lingering near the Capitol in Washington. The security forces are now present with a large contingent and are slowly trying to dissolve the meeting. This is shown by pictures on various US television channels.

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    Twitter blocks Trump’s account for 12 hours – and threatens to be expelled

    Twitter has announced that President Donald Trump’s user access will be blocked for the next twelve hours. In the event of further violations of the rules of the short message service, the account could be completely blocked, the company said.

    Social media Twitter, Facebook and Youtube had previously removed a video of Trump asking his followers to go home but reiterating his unsubstantiated claim that the election had been stolen.

    Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen wrote on Twitter that the video had been removed because it “adds to the risk of persistent violence rather than reducing it.”

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    Congress wants to continue certification of election results

    Despite the storm of Trump’s supporters on the Capitol, the US Congress intends to continue the certification of the presidential election result that was started earlier this Wednesday evening (local time).

    The US House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, announced that the meeting would be resumed as soon as the Capitol was opened. This decision was made after consultations with colleagues and phone calls to the Pentagon, the Justice Department and Vice President Mike Pence.

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    Police confirm: person shot is dead

    A woman who was shot in the US Capitol after Trump supporters entered the US Capitol has died. This was confirmed by a police spokeswoman for the German Press Agency. The exact background is still unclear.

    The chief of police in the US capital had recently announced at a press conference that a person in the Capitol had suffered a gunshot wound and that it was “a civilian”. Further details are not yet known.

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    Now curfew in Washington – will it be kept?

    There has been a curfew in the US capital since midnight CET (6 p.m. local time).

    The governor of the state of Virginia has declared a state of emergency. In addition, a curfew is being imposed in some parts of the country, said Ralph Northam. Virginia borders the capital Washington.

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    US Capitol is evidently cleared and safe

    According to a Reuters reporter, the police officers deployed at the Capitol drove the intruders away from the building. According to the authorities, the building is now secured.

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    Pictures that last

    The situation in Washington remains extremely tense. One thing is certain: these pictures from the US capital will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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    EU leaders are shocked

    EU Council President Charles Michel and EU Parliament President David Sassoli have expressed their dismay at the unrest around the Capitol in Washington. “To watch the scenes tonight in Washington is a shock,” wrote Michel on Twitter. The US Congress is “a temple of democracy”. “We trust the US to ensure a peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden.”

    Sassoli expressed himself similarly: “Deeply unsettling scenes from the US Capitol tonight.” Democratic elections should be respected. “We are sure that the US will ensure that the rules of democracy are protected.”

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    Special broadcast at 10.55 p.m.

    SRF broadcasts a special about the storming of the Capitol in Washington at 10.55 p.m. You can follow the broadcast here in the live stream or on SRF 1.

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    Ivanka Trump calls protesters “patriots” – and then deletes the tweet

    The daughter of the incumbent US President, Ivanka Trump, addressed the participants in the dramatic protests in Washington on Twitter as “patriots” and called on them to renounce violence. After critical comments, she deleted the tweet and specified: “Peaceful protest is patriotic. Violence is unacceptable and must be severely condemned. ”

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    Democrats secure control in the Senate

    The Democrats of the future US President Joe Biden have, according to forecasts by US media, won both seats in the runoff elections in the state of Georgia. In doing so, they have secured control in the US Senate: After the candidate Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff also prevailed against the previous Republican incumbents in the votes in Georgia, as reported by the NBC and CBS and the AP news agency.

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    Trump to supporters: “Now go home peacefully!”

    The incumbent US President Trump addresses his supporters via Twitter. He reiterated that the election was stolen from him. But now it is time to go home peacefully. “Go home in peace, we love you, you are very special,” said Trump in the original wording.

    Then the end of the video message was shortened, it ended after: “Go home in peace.” Twitter and other social media platforms have now completely deleted the video.

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