Caro & Andreas Robens (Goodbye Germany / VOX): Debacle at Jawort – He does an absolute no-go


At “Goodbye Germany”, Caro and Andreas Robens wanted to renew their marriage vows. When Caro saw her husband in a suit, her facial features briefly derailed.

  • Caro and Andreas Robens have been happily married for ten years.
  • At “Goodbye Germany” the cult emigrants wanted to renew their marriage vows.
  • When Caro sees her husband in his new outfit shortly before the wedding, she is not at all enthusiastic.

Mallorca – in good times and bad. A promise with which Caro and Andreas Robens know very well. The two cult emigrants of the VOX show have been for ten years “Goodbye Germany” meanwhile married. Together they dared to take the step abroad and fulfilled their dream of living on Mallorca. Even if the Corona-Krise It is currently difficult for the two of them on the most popular island of the Germans with their gym, the two do not give.

The couple generally like to face challenges together. They also have that with their victory in “Summer house of the stars” shown last year. Now they also want to prove that their love for one another is also after ten years of marriage has not aged a day. Together they want to renew their vows on their wedding day – but shortly before there is suddenly a lot of trouble between the two.

Die Robens (Goodbye Germany / VOX): Before making a new promise, Andreas goes under the knife

Andreas had thought of something very special. In order to look really attractive for his Caro, he put himself under the knife beforehand. Drooping eyelids and Bags under the eyes it went to the collar. Even if he had to admit that he was quite “scared” about the procedure, the result made him happy.

Freshly smoothed on the face, the big day follows for both of them. Because of Corona, the second wedding took place on a small scale and under strict conditions. A few ex-competitors from the “summer house” were there, including ex-bachelor’s degrees Andrej Mangold and the YouTubers Lisha und Lou. Caro’s dress and Andreas’ suit had been kept secret from each other in advance by both of them. When the two finally saw each other, the reaction could hardly have been more different.

Die Robens (Goodbye Germany / VOX): When Caro sees her husband, there is first trouble

As Caro in hers red dress and came strutting out the door with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, her fitness fanatical husband’s jaw dropped almost to the floor despite the refreshment of his face. The 53-year-old radiantly commented on the sight of his partner with a gallant “Shit, you look cool”. Caro’s facial features also temporarily derailed – but not from enthusiasm.

Because before the second wedding, Caro had very clear ideas about what her husband was not for under any circumstances ceremony may wear. Your No-go-Liste included three points: “I expect him not to wear shorts, a top hat or a stick. I wouldn’t care about anything else, ”she makes clear. Stupid only when the bride and groom are ready with two of their three no-gos: Cylinder and stick! After Andreas’ enthusiastic macho exclamation about her “cracker dress”, she reacts to his outfit with a rather less enthusiastic “Why are you doing this?” Her conclusion on the look of her partner: “Takes getting used to. I’ve always said: A white rabbit has to come out of a top hat. ”Anyway – the emigrant left out the shorts today.

The Outfit debacle but luckily did not solve a deeper one Marital crisis in front of running VOX cameras. And at the following ceremony, of course, despite the top hat and cane, Caro said again “Yes, I do” to her Andreas. Nothing stands in the way of the next ten years together! And the next time you refresh your vows, your husband will definitely think twice about choosing a stick and top hat – but maybe in shorts? (have)

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