“Catastrophe” – Amira Pocher suffers from lack of sleep because of baby


Unlike his wife Amira, Oliver Pocher can sleep through the night. The comedian now reports this in his podcast. The 42-year-old jokes: “My job is currently difficult to understand with the child.” His wife, on the other hand, is stressed.

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Oliver and Amira Pocher had their second child together shortly before the turn of the year. “There was still a little present after Christmas”, Amira and Oliver Pocher told their fans on December 27, 2020. Her son was born a few hours earlier. A short time later, Amira Pocher reported about the “abnormal pain” she had to go through during childbirth.

Because the 28-year-old had given birth to her first child only 13 months earlier, everything was still very “sensitive”. “The uterus was torn open. The little one was already out of the uterus. Thank God the amniotic sac was still intact,” said Amira in the podcast “The Pochers here!”. “It was already bleeding inside. That could have turned out really bad if we had taken longer.” Her second son was then born by caesarean section.

Amira Pocher: Nights are “pretty hard”

It is true that she says now, a good week later, that she is “much better”. But Oliver Pocher’s wife still has to nibble at the new conditions at home. In a new episode of her podcast she speaks of a “disaster” and “pretty tough” nights – “every hour and a half to two hours your son falls in love with my bosom,” jokes the 28-year-old. Oliver Pocher hardly noticed anything.

“My job is currently difficult to keep track of with the child,” he says, and argues that “as long as I have no breast and milk production”, it is rather uninteresting for the baby. According to his own statement, the comedian can only actively intervene again “when a bottle is added”. Until then, his job as a father is simple: “just sleep through the night”.

The 42-year-old reports to Instagram every day. There he diligently posts his “screen control” or advertises his own podcast in front of his roughly two million fans.

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Catastrophe Amira Pocher suffers lack sleep baby


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