CES 2021: PopSockets introduces MagSafe accessories


The small PopSockets for the back of a smartphone are popular. While the little knob destroys the iPhone look for me, the practical use is enormous. You simply have a lot more grip and hold, which is particularly useful with large iPhones. There are three new PopGrips, a wallet including PopGrip and two holders.

The PopGrip for MagSafe is magnetically stuck to the back, whereby the PopSocket is exchangeable. Compatible with the PopSockets PopMount 2 and PopMount 2 for MagSafe.

The PopWallet+ for MagSafe is a further development of the current wallet and can now also be attached via MagSafe instead of using adhesive pads. So you can not only keep your iPhone safe, but also take up to three cards with you.

The new PopMount for MagSafe-Reihe integrates the PopMount for MagSafe Multi-Surface and the PopMount for MagSafe Car Vent. These are two practical brackets that are also compatible with MagSafe. The PopSockets can remain on the iPhone.

The PopGrip, the PopWallet + and the PopMount series will be made available in spring 2021. Prices are not yet known.

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CES PopSockets introduces MagSafe accessories


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