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The -bold design of the PlayStation 5 did not cause cheers from every gamer and potential buyer when Sony first presented the console to the world. Most of all, many of you want a different color. Now the PS5 has two side panels that you can remove, change, swap and even paint. We’ll tell you everything you have to consider.

PlayStation 5

The -black PS5 console is protected by white side panels that you can remove with a few simple steps. So that no parts are damaged when changing the side panels or cleaning the console, we tell you here how to do it safely. Alternatively, we also recommend skins below that you can simply stick on.

PS5 side panels
The -PS logo is a fixed point. Here you lift the side part and push it towards the console floor.

Remove the PS5 side panels

If you want to remove the side plates, there can be several reasons. Maybe you just want to clean the console or replace the side panels. No matter what exactly you are up to, this is how you can safely remove the side panels:

  • Place the console flat in front of you on a table or a solid surface so that you are facing the front.
  • The -point where you should orient yourself on the side plates is PlayStation-Logo on the top. Carefully lift the side part with your left hand and pushes it to the left – seen from you.
  • With this movement you ensure that the hooks on the side part are pulled out of the openings and you can easily remove the part.
  • You remove the second side part in the same way. Turn the console around and reaches under the plate where the PS logo was on the opposite side. This time you lift the side part with your right hand at the point described and slide it to the right to loosen it.

So you always push the side parts towards the console floor. That’s why you have to put them on the table in front of you, otherwise the side parts are difficult to remove. You can see how easy it is to change the side panels at YouTuber Arekkz Gaming in moving pictures:

Swap, paint or even buy side plates

Now that you’ve removed both faceplates from the PS5, you can easily swap them out with new side panels. Sony does not officially sell individual products yet, so you have to use third-party providers like We strongly advise you not to use these side plates and to wait for official products or limited consoles from Sony.

If you are technically gifted, you can paint your side panels. All you need for this is Detergents and suitable aerosol cans such as Plasti Dip. Make sure the side plates are completely cleaned and dried before you spray them. Again we point out that you should only paint side parts if you are familiar with the material. You can see how beautiful such an individual PS5 can look on the YouTube channel Callum Warren Art:

PS5 skins as an alternative

Particularly inexpensive and connected without much work PS5 skins that you can easily apply to the side panels and other surfaces of the console or controller. It just takes a little tact or a friend with a little more flair. One site that I can highly recommend is Here you can find skins in all possible colors and with unusual patterns for around 25 euros.

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