Changer: More e-gas stations in multi-party houses


Deliveries to e-car manufacturers and suppliers for charging stations open up great job and value-added potential for Austria.  The  number of jobs and added value could each increase by around a fifth by 2030, according to a study presented today.

Infrastructure Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) described the expansion of the charging infrastructure as central and soon announced a draft for a “right to plug”.

E-charging stations in apartment buildings

Gewessler is working on the “right to plug” draft together with Justice Minister Alma Zadic (Greens). This initiative, announced in the summer, is intended to facilitate the installation of e-charging stations in apartment buildings with condominiums.

A further step will certainly have to be considered for the tenant area, said Gewessler. Over 40 percent of the almost four million main residences in Austria are rented, in Vienna the rent quota is more than three quarters – but many housing developers are not prepared to retrofit their existing buildings with e-charging.

7,300 additional workplaces possible


 The  number of jobs in the areas concerned with car manufacturing could increase from the current 34,400 to around 42,000 by 2030 – i.e. by around 7,300 jobs, according to the study now presented. For domestic added value, it is assumed that the annual volume will increase by 645 million to four billion euros.

E-cars: Gewessler is pleased with the increasing number of registrations

Gewessler was pleased with the recent sharp rise in the electric car quota for new registrations. ©

 The  ten percent mark was broken for the first time in November; in December it was already 14 percent. ©

 The  minister said it was not surprising that the proportion of company cars in the new e-cars was over 80 percent. Because the company share in new cars is generally more than 60 percent.

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Changer egas stations multiparty houses


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