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Christina Ricci feared for her life in lockdown


© The  corona virus became a nightmare for Christina Ricci (40). Not because she got sick, but because the actress was forced to lockdown with her abusive husband. In an application for an injunction against James Heerdegen, the “Sleepy Hollow” actress now says that she fears for her life and that of her son Freddie (6).

In the court files, according to the people portal TMZ, Ricci describes how their ordeal in marriage began in autumn 2019: “While we were sitting in the car, James made it clear to me that he could kill me. He said he would only be sorry if I was broken up into small pieces. After that I hid all the knives at home. ” According to Ricci, the physical abuse began in December 2019: “He hit me, spat on me and grunted in my face like a pig. I got bruises and bruises and decided to part with him. ” Ricci informed her husband that she wanted a divorce. But then the corona lockdown began in March and she was locked in the same house as her “brutal torturer”.

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Christina Ricci feared life lockdown


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