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Representatives of the Catholic and Evangelical Churches in Germany reacted with horror to the riots in the USA. But these events could also be a warning for Germany.

Archbishop Schick: Reminder for reconciliation

The events in America are terrifying and worrying, wrote the Catholic theologian on Twitter on Thursday. “Trump fires, unfortunately God, but only the fire of discord and unrest that burns among the Americans.” In his tweet, Schick also recalled a quote from US civil rights activist and Baptist pastor Martin Luther King (1929-1968): “There is no greater force than love. It overcomes hatred as light overcomes darkness.”

The USA, like many other societies in the world, needs reconciliation, warned Schick, who is chairman of the World Church Commission of the German Bishops’ Conference.

Praeses Rekowski: Warning for us too

According to Rhenish President Manfred Rekowski, the forcible storming of the Capitol in Washington is an expression of disrespect, disregard and mockery of the democratic rules of the rule of law. “It is an attack on democracy when elected representatives of the state are hunted in parliament buildings,” said the leading theologian of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland on Thursday the Evangelical Press Service (epd). “Added to this is the unbelievable fact that the incumbent US president, despite the violence on Twitter, repeated his entire lie of an allegedly ‘stolen’ election.”

These processes should also be a warning and admonition to the Germans, said Rekowski and recalled the disruptive actions by guests of the AfD, who had harassed MPs in the Reichstag building in November. In August right-wing extremists and other protesters stormed the steps of the Reichstag building on the sidelines of demonstrations against the Corona measures.

“The events in the USA should make it clear to us, too, how dangerous such anti-democratic attitudes are and how quickly words can turn into deeds,” said the 62-year-old theologian. “We have to consistently confront the lies and defamation of people and democratic institutions from the start.”

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