Claudia Obert wants to become a more exciting Bachelorette


This show will literally be sparkling: Champagne lover and society lady Claudia Obert is now looking for great love on TV. In an interview with t-online, she provides spicy insights.

Claudia Obert became a cult figure through her slogans in formats such as “Celebrity Shopping Queen”, “Celebrity Big Brother” or “Celebrities under palm trees”. According to her own statement, her favorite accessories are men and a full glass of champagne. She can now combine these two preferences.

Because in the TV format “Claudia’s House of Love” the corks will pop from January 7th. The entrepreneur can choose the right one from ten men in her own dating show. She reveals who she is looking for in the t-online interview.

t-online: How did you get the idea to find a partner on TV?

Claudia Obert: I’ve wanted to do that for ages. I always find the “Bachelor” so boring. I think that something like this can be done much better!

So you want to become the more exciting Bachelorette?

I hope so, yes! The guys on my show were really world class. The ten men were between 24 and 74. They were quick-witted, very eloquent, funny and out-going.

Prickelbrause: Claudia Obert loves champagne and men. (Source: Joyn / Marc Rehbeck)

Do you find it difficult to get to know men?

No not at all! I get to know men all the time and everywhere. No matter whether in the supermarket, at the gas station or at the bar. I don’t even know where I’m going none got to know. I’m “always on the air”, so to speak. But I haven’t actually taken part in a TV show like this. I was still missing that.

There is quite a range in terms of age. What do you like better – young or old?

Oh, you can’t say that now. In terms of body, of course, the 24-year-old is more likely than the 74-year-old. Unfortunately, I am old myself!

Do you think you can find great love in your show?

Well, at least first of all you have a nice pastime with the boys. I wouldn’t just hang the chandelier so high that you have to find the love of your life on TV. At least it doesn’t really matter to me in my show.

How did you cope with the fact that you had to live with ten initially strangers?

I had my luxury suite and the boys camped together somewhere. But I have to say: Since the gentlemen were very eloquent and entertaining, I spent a lot of time with them. We had a lot of fun together. At ten in the morning the champagne corks popped at breakfast. We had a separate fridge just for it and it was always empty in the evening.

How much bubbly was drunk while filming? Can that still be measured in truckloads?

When I got up in the morning, I was usually the first to wake up. The boys did much, much longer than me in the evenings. I just need my beauty sleep. There were moments when I thought in the morning: “Do we have a pub here ?!” I don’t know how much we drank, but it was a lot.

Could you imagine a relationship with a man who doesn’t drink alcohol at all?

Sure, then I’ll drink it! (laughs) But a guy who doesn’t drink anything can’t deal with me at all if I’ve had something. I don’t mean to say that I’m uptight, but I get more uninhibited when I drink. Someone who doesn’t drink anything might find this a little strange.

What are you actually looking for? Are you looking for a partner for life or rather – as you put it so beautifully – “pastime”?

I have never specifically looked for a partner before. If I see a good guy standing somewhere, I take him with me and warm him. (laughs) So I’m not actively looking. And it’s not really like Armor is aiming an arrow at you and you’re in love with shock. But it’s nice when you think with a man that you could have a few nice hours together. With me, a guy has to have fun with life. I’m easy-going too. I enjoy life, I am self-sufficient, I am not a building site, I have no children, I am generous and I like luxury. Most men enjoy that.

Are you afraid that some candidates – well, maybe not the 74-year-old – will take part in the show in order to later pursue a career as an influencer with your name?

I hope so! I’ve worked hard on my own name. If someone wants to be with me, they have to get used to the public anyway and be able to deal with it.

Do you need someone who is firmly established in life?

Yes, in any case. It’s like this: If it’s a man who is humiliated by his boss all day and has to tell me everything in the evening … No, that’s not for me. Look, I flew spontaneously to Ibiza just before Christmas. I sit there on the roof terrace and enjoy my life. A man by my side should also be able to do something like that.

In an Instagram post you recently wrote: “No man, no problem. That doesn’t mean that you have to miss something.” Have men been a problem for you often?

Yes, especially when men are a bit stuffy and want lunch at one o’clock every day. A man I think is good has to float through life. Men shouldn’t see problems, but should have solutions ready. There are also a lot of guys who are jealous – in my eyes this is often a sign of low self-esteem.

You don’t like monogamy, do you?

A man by my side would have to be so confident that he can handle it. He shouldn’t be blind either. He may like another girl too. I don’t mind. Everything else is a bit small-minded in my eyes.

Was that an attitude that you always had or did it only develop over the years?

I had the attitude when I was 15. (laughs) I’ve always wondered how one can please just one partner.

Was that a problem in your 20s or 30s, when maybe many men of the same age were looking for a stable partnership? Could a lot of guys keep up with your love life?

To be honest, that was a subconscious rather than a conscious decision. At some point I realized that this was my attitude. I don’t even know this breaking up. Somehow that has always been superfluous with men. Very easy.

Did you ever have a real relationship with two years of monogamy?

When I have a crush, I’m already focused on him. But that doesn’t have to mean that he’ll have to last until the end of my life.

The dating show “Claudia’s House of Love” can be seen every Thursday from January 7, 2021 on the Joyn PLUS + streaming service.

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