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Hype um die “Clubhouse”-App.
©Screenshot: App Store / Clubhouse

© The  new social media app Clubhouse storms to the top of the download leaderboard. On Monday, the audio application, which is currently only available for the iPhone, ousted the popular messenger service Telegram in Germany from second place on the list of the most frequently downloaded free applications in the Apple App Store. © The  messenger Signal is in first place.

© The  hype around Clubhouse can also be seen in the top lists of downloads in the Apple App Store. On Monday, the audio application ousted the popular messenger service Telegram in Germany from second place on the list of the most frequently downloaded free applications in the Apple App Store. © The  messenger Signal is in first place.

Clubhouse: Audio-App

Clubhouse is an audio app in which users can listen to conversations like a live podcast or actively participate in discussions. In contrast to networks like Twitter, you cannot comment on posts in writing or give “likes”.

New concept

© The  provider Alpha Exploration Co from the Mormon city of Salt Lake City defines the app as “a new type of social service that is based on language and enables people all over the world to chat, tell stories, develop ideas and make friends deepen and meet interesting new people “.

By invitation only

An artificial shortage is part of the clubhouse’s marketing concept. Not only are all users of an Android smartphone left out. Most iPhone owners who have installed Clubhouse will also have to wait to be able to use the app at all. You need an invitation from an active clubhouse user.

For viral distribution, Clubhouse also uses a controversial method that was already the basis of WhatsApp’s rapid growth. After installing the app and activating the invitation, the app requests access to all entries in the contacts address book of the iPhone used. This practice has been heavily criticized by data protectionists in Europe on WhatsApp, because users actually have to ask permission from each individual contact before the personal data is transferred to servers in the USA. But hardly anyone should do that.

Data protection concept

© The  clubhouse members are also requested by the creators of the service as well as by the moderators of individual groups to link their profiles on other platforms and to comment on the content of the conversations there. This is intended to arouse the desire in networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to receive an invitation to the network as quickly as possible. Marketing experts call this approach “Fear of missing out”. Clubhouse’s dubious data protection concept, presumably
also against the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
violated, prevented many influencers in Germany at the weekend
not about jumping on the clubhouse train quickly. So
Over 1000 people gathered virtually in one
Clubhouse room in which the digital minister in the Federal Chancellery,
Dorothee Bär (CSU), with the entrepreneur Tijen Onaran, the
Journalist Niddal Salah-Eldin and many others about that
“Diversity Year 2021” discussed.

Start-up: Valued at $ 100 million

Clubhouse was started in April 2020 and initially triggered a boom in the US during the corona crisis, reminiscent of the beginnings of WhatsApp or Snapchat. © The  venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz, who also invested early in Silicon Valley stars such as AirBnB, Facebook, Instagram, Lyft and Twitter, put twelve million dollars in Clubhouse in May 2020. © The  start-up was valued at 100 million dollars (currently 82.78 million euros) – at a time when only 1,500 users were actively using the application. Among them were, however, prominent users such as the rapper Drake, the comedian Kevin Hart and the US actress Tiffany Haddish.

Different roles

In the Clubhouse app, users can take on various roles. As moderators, they can start audio chats and bring other users onto the stage and hand over the microphone to them. Speakers actively participate in the discussion. However, the majority of users are limited to the role of a listener. But you can virtually raise your hand to draw the moderator’s attention to you if you want to contribute to the discussion.

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Clubhouse app triggers hype multimedia


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