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After Friday night in the Alps was the coldest night in over a year, temperatures plummeted on Saturday night, even in the plains.

In Schaffhausen’s Schleitheim, -11.2 degrees were measured on Saturday morning, in Thun -9.9 degrees. It was that cold in Schleitheim for the last time at the end of February 2018, in Thun in December 2018.


Eisblumen am Ofenpass

This morning -25.4 degrees were measured at the Ofen Pass.

Lucas Pitsch

It also got very cold in the cold air lakes of the Alps and in the Jura. The lowest temperature was measured on Alp Hingergräppelen in Toggenburg (source:, Link opens in a new window). It was a bit colder there this winter, however, in Samedan in the Upper Engadine yesterday’s low was undercut by 0.1 degrees.

Low values ​​for selected locations

place Lowest night on Saturday
Alp Hintergräppelen / SG -27.3 °C
Samedan / GR -26.8 °C
Buffalora/GR -25.4 °C
La Brévine / NE -24.0 °C
Andermatt/UR -22.1 °C
Ulrichen/VS -22.1 °C
Scuol / GR -16.1 °C
Schleitheim/SH -11.2 °C
Thun/BE -9.9 °C
Bern / Zollikofen/BE -8.7 °C
Zurich / Kloten / ZH -8.0 °C
Uetliberg/ZH -5.9 °C
Vaduz / FL -5.3 °C
Basel / Binningen/BL -4.8 °C
Ascona / TI -1.8 °C
Geneva / Cointrin / GE -1.4 °C

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Cold night Partly coldest night winter lowlands Meteo


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