Colorful – Berlin – Kalter See: Fire department divers are looking for a sunken car – company


Colorful – Berlin:Cold lake: Fire department divers search for a sunken car

Directly from the dpa news channel

Berlin (dpa / bb) – Despite the wintry cold, divers from the Berlin fire brigade searched underwater for a car wreck on Thursday. The fire brigade wanted to get the sunken small car from the Habermannsee in the Kaulsdorf district. Hobby divers discovered the car 25 meters from the shore in about 4 meters water depth, as a fire department spokesman said. The car has probably been lying on the ground for a long time, covered with shells and rusted. The operation goes back to a request from the environmental office of the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district.

The first rescue attempt failed on Thursday morning, the spokesman said. When a lifting bag attached underwater by the two divers in the car was filled with compressed air, the roof of the car partially tore off. At lunchtime, divers should attach air cushions on the outside of the car for a second attempt. This is intended to raise the small car to the surface and then pull it ashore.

Working underwater is not easy for divers. The visibility is only about 20 centimeters due to the thrown up mud and the water is 3 degrees cold. After an hour under water, it was “pretty fresh,” as the spokesman said. But the divers would wear thick winter wetsuits and are also used to working mostly by feeling. In total, the fire brigade is on site with 14 people, including a third diver who is available as a rescue diver for an emergency.

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