Comeback: “Forbidden Love” star Miriam Lahnstein returns


Updated January 18, 2021, 3:46 p.m.

  • This is what all “Forbidden Love” fans have been waiting for: Miriam Lahnstein returns as a scheming Tanja von Lahnstein.
  •  The  serial beast celebrates a comeback on January 18 in the ninth episode of the new edition of the series “Forbidden Love – Next Generation” on TVNow.

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Would you have thought that you could slip into the role of Tanja von Lahnstein again?

Miriam Lahnstein: “Verbotene Liebe” has been a strong brand over the years and the fan base is still huge – so it wasn’t entirely unreasonable for the series to celebrate a comeback again. In the meantime, of course, I’ve played completely different roles in TV series, especially nicer ones in character (laughs), but it was really nice to be able to slip into the role of Tanja again.

How did it feel to be back in front of the camera as Tanja?

Swapping the sneakers for high heels and slipping into Tanja’s skin again was fun again. I didn’t have to look far for the figure, it was still slumbering somewhere deep inside me. That was really nice and felt a bit like meeting an old friend who you haven’t seen for a long time.

Unlike Ansgar and the others, you appear late on the scene, but all the more spectacular?

Yes, Tanja is always good for a surprise and with her it is and will always be exciting. You never know what she’s up to, when she’ll suddenly disappear or when she’ll come back unexpectedly.

How has Tanja fared in the meantime?

I think, well, a lot has to happen to upset her. She kept a low profile, but watched the events from a distance. She knows when the right opportunity comes.

Clarissa von Anstetten died at the beginning of the new episodes. Would you have liked to stand in front of the camera with your archenemy again?

This is of course a great wish of the fans. But with “Forbidden Love” you never know what will happen. But I can reveal this much: Ansgar (Wolfram Grandezka) starts to sweat when Tanja’s appearance …

How was the reunion with your old colleagues?

Meeting her again on the set was nice and felt very familiar. Shooting with Wolfram Grandezka was especially fun, as if we’d only been in front of the camera yesterday. And of course I was happy to see Jo Weil and many other dear colleagues from the team again.

Have you kept in touch with any of your colleagues over the years?

Very close to some, yes. Others live further away and then you just run into each other now and then. Funnily enough, I recently shot with Claudia Hiersche on “Der Lehrer” and we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Formerly in “Verbotene Liebe” we two “Countesses” often stood together in front of the camera.

How did things continue for you after the end of “Verbotene Liebe” in 2015?

First of all, I really enjoyed the free time with my children, I traveled a lot and I continued to work for many different productions such as “Soko”, “Morden im Norden”, “Heldt”, “Alles was geht”, “Falk” or “©

 The  teacher” shot. On the side, I continued and successfully completed my studies as a child and adolescent psychotherapist.

Do you also work as a psychologist today?

When I was not shooting, I first finished my studies. I just wanted to finish that and also finish what I started. It’s not a bad foundation for role study either … (laughs)
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Fans of the daily soap “Verbotene Liebe” recently struggled with a long dry spell. But now the popular ARD soap is surprisingly back. But the place of the comeback is just as unexpected, because the series has found its new home on a streaming portal: TVNOW, the digital offshoot of RTL.

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Comeback Forbidden Love star Miriam Lahnstein returns


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