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Berlin / Potsdam (dpa / bb) – The business associations Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB) have brought short-term support from the Senate to companies in Berlin due to the long waiting time for November and December aid. “We have to see whether the time gap between the application and the final funding decision is not too long and whether the Senate could provide short-term bridging aid,” said UVB chief executive Christian Amsinck on Thursday. In this way, livelihoods could be saved that are at risk due to liquidity bottlenecks. “The issue of liquidity is the key issue in 2021,” said Amsinck.

The November and December aid are paid by the federal government. They are intended to largely compensate for the loss in sales that the companies suffered in the lockdown. The aids are based on the sales level of the previous months. However, the application is time-consuming and the examination may take too long, criticized Amsinck.

After the crisis year 2020, the business associations see the Berlin and Brandenburg companies on a growth path again. Starting from a very low level, economic growth in Brandenburg could be around three percent in the current year. In Berlin it could amount to four percent. “We expect to be roughly back to pre-crisis levels in 2023,” said Amsinck.

Several lighthouse projects, especially in Brandenburg, gave rise to hope. These include the new plant of the electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide or a new plant of the chemical company BASF, which in the future also wants to recover valuable lithium from old batteries in electric cars at its Lusatian location.

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Companies Berlin Business associations demanding shortterm Senate Economy


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