Confusion about Sandgren: Despite a positive test on the plane to Australia

Confusion about Sandgren: Despite a positive test on the plane to Australia

Corona confusion about US tennis professional Tennys Sandgren: First, last year’s quarter-finalist saw his participation in the Australian Open already burst at Los Angeles airport due to a positive test result, but after some back and forth he was allowed to board the plane down under. Sandgren received the flight permit from the authorities of the Australian state of Victoria because he had already been sick with COVID-19 in November and is considered recovered and no longer contagious despite the renewed positive test.

On Twitter, Sandgren reported in detail about the confusion at the airport, after the happy outcome, he celebrated Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley as a “magician”. To explain, the official Twitter channel of the first Grand Slam tournament of the year said: “Some people who have recovered from COVID-19 and are not infectious can continue to break down the virus for several months.”

The tennis professionals are flown to Australia with charter flights from all over the world, after arrival they have to go into a two-week quarantine. During this time, they are allowed to leave the hotel room for training and treatment for a maximum of five hours a day and are regularly tested for corona infection. The Australian Open starts on February 8th in Melbourne.


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Confusion Sandgren positive test plane Australia


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